Ch5 // p1

8/2/2021 in Chapter 5
Ch5 // p1
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Author Notes:

callmerocket 8/2/2021, 9:37 PM
I'm considering this 'chapter 5' if only to get a clean cut from the last chapter, which I confess was a lot of loose/random transitional ideas and muddling around. This is the beauty of working through the bulk of the story through sketches first; in the past I think I've gotten paralyzed by big ideas. With Raleigh's Hinterland, that planning pressure is off because I'm not trying to finish anything.

So what are your thoughts on planning pages for longform stories? Feel free to discuss! I think in the animation industry, this would be liiiike... the... storyboarding part. But probably way more complicated than it needs to be for that.

I think my ultimate fantasy is to get one of those crazy conspiracy theory cork boards and a few multicolor packs of stickies and that's probably actually the best way to plan, hah.

I did go back to the beginning and color in the first few pages though, so hit 'first' to see 2-3 pages of this story at it's (current) full potential.


Nyomi 8/8/2021, 2:19 AM
love that you've added two more chapters since the last time i read through this. you have such a unique way of storytelling in your comics that always mesmerizes the shit out of me.

i will say that the last time i planned out a script i used a shit ton of sticky notes and just went ham on my wall. there's a few lone sticky notes left i have to take down before i move out JADKSLFSJDFK so i feel the fantasy
callmerocket 8/8/2021, 2:32 AM
AW HELL YEAH thank you!! :-D

Legit, did the wall of sticky notes help? My sis has a master's in publishing and she says that's literally what professional novelists and editors will do, to figure out the plots and such. Makes sense; there's gotta be something to it. Although I think disassembling them and potentially needing to reassemble them in a move would give me a heart attack
Nyomi 8/8/2021, 2:51 AM
It did a lot, actually! I had to do a bunch of pre-production planning for it, so being able to shuffle and change things until it made a coherent plot helped a LOT - and for some reason doing pre-production traditionally before doing it on the computer just helps since it feels less permanent so it's easy to throw shit at the wall and see what sticks (literally in this case I suppose)! Also, I finished writing it, so the sticky notes are going in the trash ASDJFKLSDJFL I would hate having to try to put them back up after a move for sure!